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Gorilla Tail Pads - Colour Outside The Lines

by Chris Durlacher | Sep 21, 2017

Since its introduction in the 1980’s, the Gorilla has continued to be at the forefront of design, fashion and functionality. Looking back, it is staggering to see how far Gorilla has come since the days of short-shorts, neon wetsuits and a chunky full-deck grip pad.

Today, Gorilla are celebrating over 3 decades of gripping and ripping and are leading the charge in the innovation of new and improved traction. It is no surprise then that Gorilla are still considered the go-to traction pad for some of the most influential tour professionals and free surfers around the world.

 gorilla jane tail pads 

ABOVE: The Jane Series boasting the new and improved Tri-Hex Groove


 gorilla pad tech1

Tri-Hex Pyramid Grove: Gorilla’s latest groove and texture pattern. Get stuck with a 3-way lock in pyramid scheme groove. This performance grip designed to suit a variety of surfers and tail shapes.

Diamond III Grove:
Aggressive, multi-layered forward-facing groove provides maximum pressure resistance, while allowing for easy foot adjustments.

Diamond Grove:
The High profile, well-spaced diamond shaped groove allows your foot to fit into the voids locking it in place.

Aztec Groove:
This Multi-layered groove provides high resistance and maximum foot connection by adjusting to pressure applied by the surfer. Designed for extreme surfing, and features a pronounced block wedge kick.




gorilla pad tech2

Copperhead Arch: This is the latest 3D delta design that has narrow ridge and high rear point. It allows users to better lock their foot into the rear of the pad for aggressive turns and aerials.

Sabre Arch: Is characterised by a large, tapered square design for larger feet. Has the added bonus of extending the arch further up the pad for maximum coverage.

Tabletop Arch: This Narrow arch is ideal for a smaller foot arch. Has a rear pad locking that allows adjustable foot freedom when needed for aerials and technical barrel riding.

Barrel Arch: This arch has a medium length, low profile design with softer EVA foam. That offers grip in all-round performance. The flatter and softer pad allows for subtle foot adjustments.

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    Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson

    Name: Julian Wilson
    Date of Birth: November 8, 1988
    Born: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Lives: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Sponsors: Nike footwear and clothing, Red Bull energy drinks, Oakley eyewear, Sol Republic headphones and FCS fins