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Gorilla Team Rider Kai Otton

by Chris Durlacher | Aug 19, 2013

Best trip you've been on, ever?

2011 Mentawaii trip with all my mates from my hometown Tathra. 

Where do you surf most when you’re at home? 

Curl Curl Beach. Such good waves with no one out.

Most interesting thing about being on tour? 

Dealing with emotions. The highs of winning, then controlling the feeling of losing, it’s harder!

Who do you travel with and why? 

I travel with Taj Burrow and his trainer Johnny Gannon. We like to eat, train and surf alot. Also Kieren Perrow when he is not with his family. He’s mellow and loves to surf alot too. We are a couple of the good old boys left on tour, ha ha.

What’s your daily coffee intake?

As of my last trip to Bali, June 30th, I gave it up. I got crazy Bali belly and figured it was a good cleanse, so I’ll give it away for a bit.

How many hours a day are spent thinking about hair loss? 

Lately, too much.

What’s good about your Gorilla pad? 

My pad has THE best traction material, texture, and groove combo compared to any other pad around. 

Why a 3 piece? 

3 piece allows me too widen or narrow my pad according to what tail my board has. Boards tails vary with length.

Your signature pad has a Block Wedge and Arch. What are the advantages on performance?

The Block Wedge and Arch combo is a more compact design that locks your foot in place. You’ll also see that the pad is tapered at the rails to minimize water drag.

Check out Kai's range of Gorilla Tail Pads here:

kai otton tail pads



    Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson

    Name: Julian Wilson
    Date of Birth: November 8, 1988
    Born: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Lives: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Sponsors: Nike footwear and clothing, Red Bull energy drinks, Oakley eyewear, Sol Republic headphones and FCS fins