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Softech Performance Series

by Chris Durlacher | Sep 11, 2017
Designed for intermediate-to-advanced surfers, this high performance range has been specifically developed to enhance the level of your typical softboard surfing experience. This series has been meticulously designed by industry professionals to closely emulate your standard fiberglass shortboard, striking the perfect balance between paddle power, speed and turning response.

The Performance Series offers a versatile range of boards that are suitable in everything from mushy summer beach breaks to heavy barreling conditions. These boards are ideal for surfers looking to advance their skills and confidence, especially for those who are fond of an uncrowded surf in-between the flags. This high performance range brings with it the added bonus of increased durability and longevity, whilst also minimising the hazards of board related accidents.

Handmade from highly durable materials, and constructed using proven manufacturing techniques, these boards are built to withstand the toughest treatment in the heaviest of conditions. Utilising the latest high-density polyurethane (HDPE) materials, the distinctive feel of increased buoyancy has now opened the door to a new style of high-performance surfing that embraces a unique softboard approach to each wave.

softech surfboards range

Softech Performance Range

FLASH - This all-round hybrid shape has a fuller nose and lots of volume under the chest for easy paddling, and a tapered tail outline for tighter turns in hollow sections.

MYSTERY BOX - Designed to be ridden shorter than your usual surfboard for added turning response. This one is fast, stable and surprisingly loose off the tail.

TOM CARROLL SIGNATURE MODELS - Developed and tested by 2 x ASP World Champion Tom Carroll. Riders will benefit from the extra speed and manoeuvrability with this board allowing them to access more critical parts of the wave.

BRAIN CHILD - A stable & responsive hybrid shortboard that is a great all-rounder, balancing stability with responsiveness. The versatile shape will perform well in mushy or hollow conditions.  
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softech surfboards design

Design Features

FCS ​FIN SYSTEM: Screw in your favourite FCS fins for additional drive and response.

CUSTOM RAILS: Custom Profile Rails Complement each model and elevate the feel and response of the board when executing turns.

X- DENSITY CORE: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS foam core add structure and stability to the flex pattern.

DOUBLE SIDED SLICK: High Density Polyethylene slick top and bottom skins improve speed and stiffens the overall flex pattern to provide more drive, acceleration and turning response.

STRINGER SYSTEM: Multilayer composite stringers are reinforced with resin adding stiffness and flex memory so they perform more like a fiberglass surfboard.

REINFORCED X-MESH: Reinforced X-Mesh significantly strengthens the skin of the board to maintain the structural integrity of the shape and performance longevity.

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    Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson

    Name: Julian Wilson
    Date of Birth: November 8, 1988
    Born: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Lives: Coolum Beach, QLD Australia
    Sponsors: Nike footwear and clothing, Red Bull energy drinks, Oakley eyewear, Sol Republic headphones and FCS fins