Hydro Tech 2 Soft Swim Fin

Hydro Tech 2 Soft Swim Fin

Super soft silicone. Designed for comfort and power when swimming.

Highest Grade Silicone



Material:   T-FORM Silicon Based Compound

Eradicates ulcers, provides a fluid movement property, and is soft and forgiving on the foot.

Rails:  V-RAIL

Hydro's patented V Rail Design creates more surface area to increase kick thrust.

Hydro V Rail Design   Australian Design Award


• Winner of the Australian Design Award.
• Designed for swimming. A favourite with swim squads and tri-athletes.
• Not recommended for bodyboarding.
• Features 3 drain holes ensuring water & sand are quickly flushed.
• Contour Ankle strap designed to ensure maximum comfort.
• Asymmetrical design based on the body’s natural movement, designed to equally distributes the force around the foot.


About Hydro

 Softech Surfboard Australia

Hydro Sportz Australia

The first Hydro “Original Fins” were developed over 24 years ago.

The Original Fin introduced the revolutionary V-Rail which increased surface area and in-turn maximised the trust of each kick. The fins symmetrical design eradicates leg twist motion allowing longer surfs and less strain/injury to the user.

Combine all this with its comfortable foot pocket, and it,s no wonder waterman all over the world have been choosing to use the Hydro Original Fin for decades.